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Live Video Detailing 

As face-to-face interactions are augmented or replaced by remote interactions, live video detailing has become an attractive alternative to in-person detailing for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Much like an in-person detail, a live video detailing appointment can be scheduled to occur on a specific date and time, or it can occur spontaneously and on-demand based on an provider's information needs. Archer’s live video detailing interface is simple; all the doctor needs is a phone line and an Internet-connected computer, tablet or smart phone.

The provider simply clicks on a link, and is quickly transported into a branded virtual meeting room hosted by an experienced inside representative that has been extensively trained on your product . The physician then sees a video transmission of the virtual representative (audio by phone or built-in).

Only pre-approved content and messaging are discussed during a video detail, and the physicians' questions are answered. Feedback is obtained and retained in the program CRM. If there is any additional follow-up required, such as product information, samples, coupons or vouchers,  the inside sales rep will process the request through our internal fulfillment department or external vendor. 


Video Detailing Benefits:

  • Provides convenience and accommodates provider interest in learning about a pharmaceutical product or medical device

  • Effectively supplements inside sales initiatives

  • Video detail sessions typically range in length from 8 to 20 minutes, with the average at 10 minutes, which is considerably longer than a typical sales call.

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