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Inside Sales & Service Teams 

Our team of experienced healthcare sales representatives will give you the ability to augment field sales efforts to address provider access, whitespace and vacant territory challenges.

Our inside sales team's experience allows them to get past gatekeepers in order to engage with providers in one-on-one pharmaceutical product and medical device discussions through a variety of channels including:


Addressing Current Marketing Challenges

For most brands, a sales gap analysis will identify many under-detailed physicians. In most cases, field rep teams have been primarily focused on the highest decile and most accessible prescribers. Coupled with the fact that physician accessibility continues to decrease year over year to new historic lows, more and more prescribers are being left uncovered and under-detailed. 

An inside sales strategy, also known as teledetailing or telesales, is a proven and cost-effective way to fill those sales gaps and maximize revenues.  Our pharmaceutical and medical device inside sales programs allow clients to strategically augment their field rep teams to effectively manage white space and remote territories, where the cost of a field rep is prohibitive. 

Applications of an Inside Sales or Telesales Strategy:

  • Managing customer or prescriber relationships in whitespace, vacant and remote territories

  • Engaging low-see and no-see physicians

  • Increasing utilization in target offices through routine sales and servicing

  • Facilitating distribution of samples and patient support or educational materials (Telesampling)

  • Targeting NP/PA champions who will communicate messages with physicians

  • Generating qualified leads for field sales teams

  • Managing vacancies and, FMLA shortages and leaves of absence

  • Flex, temporary and seasonal promotion

  • Promotion for mature brands

  • Managed care pull-through and formulary messaging

  • Hospital and institutional sales and service

  • Hospital pharmacy sales and marketing support

  • Consumable product sales


Advantages of an Inside Sales or Telesales Strategy:

  • Details providers at a significantly lower cost versus a field sales force

  • Can be deployed and modified very rapidly

  • Telesales Reps provide a substantial reach, covering more than five times the number of practices a typical field rep can cover in a given month

  • Messages can be adjusted quickly with little or no down time based on live feedback and market changes

  • Valuable real-time provider data and intelligence is collected for analysis

  • Programs produce quantifiable results and positive ROI


Archer Healthcare offers the experience and expertise to grow your brand and generate significant return on your investment.

Our expertise includes:    

  • Pharmaceutical teledetailing and telesampling targeting community and institutional-based providers

  • Inside sales and lead generation teams for medical equipment, products and technology

  • Remote inventory management, consumable product and warranty sales for medical device and equipment companies

  • Disseminating product information, literature and coupons to community and hospital-based pharmacies

  • Telemessaging to retail and independent pharmacies - Learn more about Pharmacy Outreach.


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