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As provider accessibility decreases to historic lows and sales and marketing budgets are cut, the focus will continue to shift towards growing efficiency and deploying tactics that deliver positive ROI. Poor database quality and limited prescriber data has become a major challenge for sales and marketing leaders. Over the past few years, it is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry has spent around $1 billion per year on unsuccessful attempts to see doctors who are no longer accessible (1).


Why are so many records unviable or infeasible?

  • Rep policies are curtailing hours and limiting access to prescribers

  • Incorrect or out-of-date contact information

  • Listed prescribers are from non-target specialities or prescribing for off-label use

  • Prescribers are no longer at the listed practice and can not be located

  • Practice consolidation has created new policies that restrict access

  • Databases contain retired, deceased, sanctioned or otherwise non-practicing physicians

  • There is an abundance of duplicate records in prescriber databases

  • Many prescribers have moved towards educating themselves through digital means and online learning


How can Archer Healthcare help you to improve your database quality?
Archer Healthcare’s team of call validation representatives, database managers and data processors work with clients to clean target prescriber lists and improve their sales and marketing outcomes. By eliminating wasted field rep calls on unviable and infeasible prescribers and shifting focus to higher value targets, our clients have achieved significant return on their investment.

Profiling Applications Include:

  • Lead scoring

  • No-see practice audits

  • Database cleansing and validation


Value Added Prescriber Intelligence & Custom Profiling
We don’t just provide our clients with an updated name and address. We work work with our clients to develop and field a customized  prescriber questionnaire that is tailored to each client’s target disease state and brand, delivering actionable intelligence for our clients to better understand prescriber behavior. This data can be looked at quantitatively and used to better segment your marketing and sales force. Typical data points include:


Profiling Program Benefits

  • Increases rep productivity by eliminating non-viable records

  • Speeds launch enabling better targeting of high value prescribers

  • Increases marketing efficiency and TRx by targeting more viable prescribers

  • Missing critical prescriber data is gathered quickly and inexpensively

  • Decreases sales and marketing investment in non-viable and low-value target prescribers

  • Gain a more complete and insightful profile on each target prescriber and office

  • Leads can be easily evaluated, scored and prioritized

  • Provides field reps with valuable intelligence before each sales call, allowing them to better engage prescribers

  • Quickly identifies prescribers who are treating patients with rare diseases



References: (1) ZS Associates, Accessmonitor 2016 Executive Summary

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