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Caregiver Support Programs

It is vitally important to have a compliant mechanism that engages caregivers when developing a patient support program.

Caregivers, including spouses, parents and friends contribute to a patient's well being and  play a significant role as a part of their healthcare team. Caregivers are very often overwhelmed with the care of their loved ones, so they are grateful to speak with someone who understands the illness and the challenges they face in caring for their family member

Our support staff and nurses are not only an empathetic ear, but also help to educate caregivers on the disease state, the prescribed treatment and the importance of following the doctor’s orders. Through this continuity of support, these programs have been successful in driving adherence and promoting the patient’s quality of life.

The nurses checking on my husband are the most important thing. You can ask any questions and you have someone you can talk to about it. The caregiver has a lot of responsibility and it’s nice to be able to talk with someone who understands
— Archer Program Patient Caregiver

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