Nurse Support & Outreach Increase Patient Adherence


The Client

A leading specialty pharmaceutical company with a brand indicated for a chronic condition and taken as a once-daily dose.



  • A new mechanism of action over current treatments on the market
  • Significantly low adherence rates due to complications from the disease, which include significant cognitive deficits such as forgetfulness and disorientation
  • A significant percent of the patient population not filling initial prescriptions and picking up refills 
  • A large number of patients receiving initial prescriptions in a hospital setting
  • Caregivers played a significant role in driving patient adherence and persistency


Critical Challenge

  • Decrease lost revenue due to patient non-adherence
  • Increase patient loyalty and retention
  • Empower patients to establish control and self management over their therapy through better understanding of their condition
  • Help patients and caregivers understand why they are on the therapy and what they can expect from treatment
  • Continue the brand-patient relationship after initial prescription and throughout the length of therapy
  • Increase level of engagement with newly prescribed patients at or soon after hospital discharge
  • Differentiate the brand by educating patients on the unique mechanism of action
  • Create physician preference by supporting overall patient management



Archer Healthcare developed a comprehensive support program that supported both the patient and their primary caregiver. Each patient/caregiver support plan was customized to their preferences and also based on their historical adherence to therapy.  The program provided a range of services including:

  • 24-7 toll-free nurse support for patients and caregivers
  • Welcome calls to new patients
  • Program welcome kits for new patients
  • Caregiver specific program materials
  • Fixed nurse case loads for continuity
  • Outbound adherence, appointment and refill reminders
  • Healthy living newsletters and emails
  • Hospital discharge kits and enrollment data feeds


  • Over the course of three years, roughly 35,000 patients and  caregivers enrolled in the program at varying levels of engagement
  • Enrolled patients were far more adherent to the medication and had 28% more days-on-therapy than non-enrolled patients. 
  • “On-time” refills increased by 22% for those patients  receiving refill reminders 
  • 47% of prescribed new patients, that were discharged from hospitals, enrolled in the program, of which 97% requested regular follow-up calls  from the nurse team.