Mature Brand Switches from an Outside to Inside Sales Strategy as Patent Expiration Approaches



A leading top-ten pharmaceutical company

Critical Challenge

The client conducted a territory realignment which eliminate field rep coverage for decile 2-6 practices nationwide. The TRx volume among these practices was of value, but not significant enough to justify the cost of field rep coverage. 


Archer Healthcare deployed a team of pharmaceutical telesales representatives to identify and detail key clinic personnel on a monthly basis.


4,200 Specialists and PCPs


  • Within the first six months, TRx volume grew by 18.4% in tele-detailed offices (versus baseline without telesales or field rep coverage)
  • 92% average teledetail completion rate with target offices
  • The cost per telesales detail was 7% of the cost for a field rep detail
  • Additional target physicians were added to the telesales program in year two, after a second sales force realignment
  • The ROI for the program over six cycles was 157%
  • Prescribers with TRx volume increases into the 8+ decile range were successfully transitioned back to the field rep team